Helpful Tips From People To Save Money And Time (23 Photos)

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  1. #1 depends on what state you live in. Like, I used to live in Ohio where this was true. Now I live in Michigan where you pay tax on food bought from a restaurant whether you take it out or eat it there. Check your state law before you get your hopes up on this one.<img src="http://pandafeed.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Helpful-Tips-From-People-To-Save-Money-And-Time-001.jpg&quot; class="csimg" data="http://pandafeed.net/helpful-tips-from-people-to-save-money-and-time-23-photos/helpful-tips-from-people-to-save-money-and-time-001/#main&quot; style=" border:0px solid #ccc; "/>

  2. #5 can be restated as: If you lie and blame others for something you did, sometimes you can get away with it and force someone else to pay for damage that you caused. I don't doubt that that's true, but there is that whole tricky subject of "morals".<img src="http://pandafeed.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Helpful-Tips-From-People-To-Save-Money-And-Time-005.jpg&quot; class="csimg" data="http://pandafeed.net/helpful-tips-from-people-to-save-money-and-time-23-photos/helpful-tips-from-people-to-save-money-and-time-005/#main&quot; style=" border:0px solid #ccc; "/>

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